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“An Inconvenient Truth” Movie Review

Are you interested in learning more about global warming?  If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the science behind global warming, the impact it will have on the planet, as well as ways that we can help to stop global warming, you will find that you have a number of different options. Although you can turn to news reports, books and other printed resources on global warming, and the internet, you may want to examine documentaries.

In recent years, documentaries have increased in popularity.  This is due in part to knowledge.  With the world constantly changing, and not just in terms of global warming, many feel “lost,” if they aren’t in the know.  This is the main purpose of documentaries, to educate, yet entertain viewers.  If you would like to learn more about global warming though documentaries, you will want to examine Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Until recently, Al Gore was most well known for his role of the Vice President of the United States.  He served as the Vice President under Bill Clinton.  More recently, Al Gore has been known for his active role in the fight against global warming.  In addition to explaining the science behind global warming and in addition to describing the impacts it will have on our planet, Al Gore is also known for sharing the many ways that we, as humans, can help to stop global warming.  Many of these ideas are easy and affordable to implement.

Returning back to the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, this is one of the most impact having documentaries you will likely see in your lifetime.  What makes this documentary unique and well worth the watch is the combination of scientific proof and passion.  Al Gore has numerous resources for you to examine on your television screen.  These resources include graphs, scanned documents from global warming cover-ups, and much more.  The passion in this movie comes from Al Gore himself.  He has as way about sharing his knowledge and information in a way that will rock you to your core.

Speaking of being shocked, this documentary, which is basically a recording of PowerPoint presentations Gore has given across the county and around the world, has a huge shock factor.  This is most commonly seen with before and after pictures.  Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the examples used.  The computer generated images that show you the impact on coastal flooding, which will result from global warming, will either leave your mouth gaping open in shock or leave you in tears.

Even though Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth documentary comes highly rated and recommended, by celebrities, scientists, meteorologists, other political figures, and everyday individuals, you may be unsure if it is worth the buy.  As a reminder, this documentary and others can usually be found for rent in one of your local video stores.

Despite being able to rent An Inconvenient Truth, as opposed to buying it, you may still be unsure if it is worth the watch.  If your movie tastes typically involve comedies, action, and drama, you may assume that a documentary on global warming is not the perfect match for you.  If that is the case, you will want to watch the previews or the trailer for this riveting documentary.  There, you will find the tagline “If you love your planet.  If you love your children.  You have to see this film.”  If that doesn’t send a tingle down your spine, what will?

Alternative Energy Development in Japan

Japan is a densely populated country, and that makes the Japanese market more difficult compared with other markets. If we utilize the possibilities of near-shore installations or even offshore installations in the future, that will give us the possibility of continued use of wind energy. If we go offshore, it’s more expensive because the construction of foundations is expensive. But often the wind is stronger offshore, and that can offset the higher costs. We’re getting more and more competitive with our equipment. The price—if you measure it per kilowatt-hour produced—is going lower, due to the fact that turbines are getting more efficient. So we’re creating increased interest in wind energy. If you compare it to other renewable energy sources, wind is by far the most competitive today.

If we’re able to utilize sites close to the sea or at sea with good wind machines, then the price per kilowatt-hour is competitive against other sources of energy, go the words of Svend Sigaard, who happens to be president and CEO of the world’s largest wind turbine maker, Vestas wind systems out of Denmark. Vestas is heavily involved in investments of capital into helping Japan expand its wind turbine power generating capacity. It is seeking to get offshore installations put into place in a nation that it says is ready for the fruits of investment into alternative energy research and development.

The Japanese know that they cannot become subservient to the energy supply dictates of foreign nations—World War II taught them that, as the US decimated their oil supply lines and crippled their military machine. They need to produce energy of their own, and they being an isolated island nation with few natural resources that are conducive to energy production as it is defined now are very open to foreign investment and foreign development as well as the prospect of technological innovation that can make them independent. Allowing corporations such as Vestas to get the nation running on more wind-produced energy is a step in the right direction for the Japanese people.

The production of energy through what is known as microhydoelectric power plants has also been catching on in Japan. Japan has a myriad rivers and mountain streams, and these are ideally suited places for the putting up of microhydroelectric power plants, which are defined by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization as power plants run by water which have a maximum output of 100 kilowatts or less. By comparison, “minihydroelectric” power plants can put out up to 1000 kilowatts of electrical energy.

In Japan, the small-scaled mini- and micro-hydroelectric power plants have been regarded for a considerable time as being suitable for creating electricity in mountainous regions, but they have through refinement come to be regarded as excellent for Japanese cities as well. Kawasaki City Waterworks, Japan Natural Energy Company, and Tokyo Electric Power Company have all been involved in the development of small-scale hydroelectric power plants within Japanese cities.

Solar Power for Homes – Not Just For The Rich

Solar power is free. Well, that is, once you’ve finished installing the solar power system. Today, the homes that use solar power are limited and most of them come from the rich sectors of the society. The cost of installing solar power systems can range from $35,000 – $250,000. However, there are cost effective systems but you need to build them on your own. These DIY solar power kits can be obtained from $200 to $350.

Because of the technological advancements, a lot of homeowners are now able to use solar power at a very affordable cost. In some places, the government monitors the solar power consumption of some homes. Programs were also launched to encourage other homeowners to opt for solar power. For example, when the solar power consumption has reached a certain point, rebates will be given.

The expensive solar power systems can store the energy of the sun effectively in the batteries but the less costly versions are not that efficient. Still, if you try to scour the net, you can find homes that are successfully using DIY solar power systems. In Los Angeles California, a lot of homes now enjoy solar power to the fullest. It is always sunny in this area and it rarely rains. Before, solar panels were really ugly but because of today’s modern technology, the panels are more stylish and can blend well with the existing design of the house. Many homes in California now opt for solar power because of the constant blackouts. According to some experts, California is hoping to achieve a 10% overall consumption of solar power in the area by 2020.

Some celebrities also have solar powered homes in LA like Edward Norton, Julia Roberts, Larry Hagman, and Jackson Browne. Well, these celebrities can definitely afford to pay for the expensive installation of solar power systems. For starters, why don’t you try to install DIY kits? These are more affordable and if you like to do things on your own, this is an excellent project. However, when it comes to electrical matters, you will still need the services of an experienced electrician. The solar power will be connected to your existing electrical supply and so you might get electrocuted if you don’t have enough knowledge about it.

Going green these days is vital to save the environment. Global warming has taken its toll and people from all over the world can now feel the consequences. Using solar power is a very effective way to help save the environment so that you can no longer depend entirely on conventional electricity. Perhaps you’re already aware that electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. The emissions from the burning of the fuels contribute to global warming. When you use solar power, you can decrease electrical consumption and in turn you can save a lot of money. Say goodbye to expensive electricity bills and save money.

Solar power for homes is for everyone and not just for the rich and famous. If you can’t afford the ready-made varieties, you can create your own by simply following a guided instruction provided by a reputable and established manufacturer of solar power systems. Choose the appropriate system. The size of the system should also be considered so that your electrical needs can be met. Install a solar power system in your home and witness its benefits.

What is Global Warming?

There is a good chance that you have heard of global warming before.  After all, global warming is regularly talked about on the radio, television, and even on the internet.  Although there is a good chance that you have heard of global warming before, you may not necessarily know what it is.  There is a large amount of debate circulating the theory of global warming and these debates often lead to confusion.

In scientific terms, global warming is defined as the process that results in the earth’s temperature rising.  This rise in temperature is attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases.  These gases are raising the earth’s temperatures to levels that concern many meteorologists and scientists.

When it comes to global warming and the increase in the earth’s temperature, there are many individuals who wonder why all of the concern.  In many aspects, a slight rise in temperate is not shocking, but there seems to be no relief.  The rise of the earth’s temperature will also lead to temperature increases on the ground.  The fear is that these temperature increases will lead to the melting of large ice masses.  The fear is that these melting masses will result in a sea level rise that could result in flooding all around the world.  If so, millions of individuals may be displaced from their homes, with their cities and towns underwater.

Another question commonly asked about global warming is how does it impact us now.  While we are starting to see many changes in our weather and with the earth’s temperature, these changes may or may not be attributed to global warming.  This is where the debate once again enters the picture.  Regardless, if the earth’s temperature continues to rise you may not see the changes firsthand, but your children will.  These changes may include warming temperatures, as well as stronger storms, and varying weather conditions around the globe.

Speaking of the global warming debate, there are many scientists, as well as politicians and other well known figures who claim that global warming is nothing to be concerned with.  In fact, many claim that reducing green house gas emissions, especially from industrial related activities, can have a worse impact on our economy than global warming.  What is difficult for many about the global warming debate is that both sides claim to have proof that backs up their views and theories.

Many also wonder who will be impacted the most by global warming.  As previously stated, you may not see the affects of global warming in your lifetime, but your children or their children may.  That is why you are urged to take action or at least examine global warming in-depth to see what there is that you can do to help.  Global warming could have an impact on where your future family members are able to live, the activities that they are able to participate in, and the economy in general.

In addition to your future family, global warming will also have an impact on sea and wildlife.  It has been said that coral reefs are becoming unstable due to the large amounts of toxins in our waters.  Many animals rely on coral reefs for shelter and food.  There is also concern for other wildlife, including bears.  There have been some unverified reports that bears are hibernating later in the year.  This can have a huge impact on the wildlife cycle, as well as the outdoor activities enjoyed by many humans.

As previously stated, if you are concerned with the impact that global warming may have on your future family, you may want to take action.  Although global warming itself is largely debated, many state that the prevention tips often suggested are ones that can do great good for the earth anyways.  These tips involve keeping your heat at a moderate level, using energy efficient light bulbs, limiting your car use, or purchasing a hybrid or another energy efficient vehicle.

Wind Power as a Viable Solution to Meeting Alternative Energy Needs

Although it is much less expensive to initially get hooked into the local electric company’s grid than it is to set up and hook into wind turbines, in the long run one saves money by utilizing the wind for one’s energy needs—while also becoming more independent. Not receiving an electric bill while enjoying the advantages of the modern electrically-driven lifestyle is a wondrous feeling.

Electric bills and fuel bills are rising steadily—but the cost of wind turbine energy is zero, and the cost of installing and hooking up a turbine is steadily coming down as demand rises and more commercial success is realized by various companies producing the turbines and researching technologies to make them ever more efficient. In addition, people are moving away from the traditional electric grids and the fossil fuels for personal reasons including desire for greater independence, the desire to live remotely or rurally without having to “go primitive”, political concerns such as fears of terrorist strikes on oil fields or power grids, or concerns about the environment.

Again, this motivation to get away from the traditional energy sources is the same one that causes people to seek the power of the wind for their energy, giving more business opportunities to profit from wind turbine production and maintenance, which drives their costs down for the consumers. In nearly thirty states at the time of this writing, homeowners who remain on the grid but who still choose to use wind energy (or other alternative forms) are eligible for rebates or tax breaks from the state governments that end up paying for as much as 50% of their total “green” energy systems’ costs.

In addition, there are 35 states at the time of this writing where these homeowners are allowed to sell their excess energy back to the power company under what are called “net metering laws”. The rates that they are being paid by the local power companies for this energy are standard retail rates—in other words, the homeowners are actually profiting from their own energy production.

Some federal lawmakers are pushing to get the federal government to mandate these tax breaks and other wind power incentives in all 50 states. Japan and Germany already have national incentive programs in place. However, “A lot of this is handled regionally by state law. There wouldn’t really be a role for the federal government,” the Energy Department’s Craig Stevens says. And as might be imagined, there are power companies who feel that it’s unfair that they should have to pay retail rates to private individuals.

“We should [only have to] pay you the wholesale rate for … your electricity,” according to Bruce Bowen, Pacific Gas & Electric’s director of regulatory policy. However, the companies seem to be more worried about losing short term profits than about the benefits, especially in the long run, of the increased use of wind turbines or wind farms. Head of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies of California V. John White points out, “It’s quality power that strengthens the grid.”

Solar Power for Homes – Using Solar Panels

Who wouldn’t love the idea of being able to save on your monthly electrical bills? One way to do that is by using solar power for homes. How are you going to convert your home? Well, there is no need to cut off your existing power supply. Besides, the sun doesn’t shine all throughout the year. That way, even when there’s no sunshine, you can still use electricity. You’re quite lucky if your place gets a lot of sunshine in most months of the year.

Sunlight is renewable, free, and clean. You will simply collect raw sunshine and convert it to electricity with the use of solar panels. Just imagine savings about 80% on your utility bills every month. That’s already a good deal since you will be spending a one-time investment on the materials and installation.

So how are you going to build the solar panels?

You can find lots of info sources online. By doing a quick search online, you may be able to get step by step instructions on how to develop homemade solar panels. To be able to create an efficient solar power system, the instructions should be clear and easy to understand. That way, you can install the system with ease. The instruction material should provide design diagrams, the required materials and parts, and easy to read directions. You can join forums online that discuss about solar power because other individuals might be able to provide you with helpful information. You can find lots of guides online but not all of them are useful. You must pick out the right guide.

Solar panels are not that expensive and you will simply need to make a substantial investment and after that, you can already enjoy an unlimited source of renewable and clean energy.

The solar panels must be placed on the right spot where there is plenty of sunshine. Why not put the solar panels on your roof? If you can find unblocked space on your backyard or garden, you can also place the panels there. Find the windows where there is direct sunlight and mount the solar panels there.

Once you have all the materials ready, you can start building the panels. Ready made panels cost around $3,000 or more depending on their usage. There are also simple DIY solar panel kits that you can create over the weekend. The DIY kits are more affordable and with only $200, you can already create a simple project.

Once you finish building the solar panels, mount them properly. From then on, you can expect to save a lot of money in the coming months and years. You can expect an 80% reduction in your electric bills monthly and as long as you have efficient solar panels, you can benefit from it for a long time.

Free sunlight is widely available and if you live in a place where there is lots of sunshine, you can benefit greatly if you build your solar panels. Learn how to build one now and try to prepare an adequate working budget.

Wind and Solar Power

Going back to the basics is the trend these days. Many people are now aware of the many problems faced by the world which includes pollution, depletion of natural resources, increasing population, and many others. With so many problems to deal with, people don’t know where to start. You don’t have to be a hero to help save the world and address its many problems. Why not contribute in your own little way by using solar power and wind power?

Sunlight and air can be converted into energy though solar and wind power. A solar power system collects sunlight which can directly heat homes or it can convert the heat into usable electricity and store them in batteries. Wind energy can also create usable electricity or the mechanical energy can also be used directly.

There are advantages of using solar and wind power. After the initial expenses for the installation of the systems, you can enjoy free energy for many years. Most of the power systems last for approximately twenty years and requires little maintenance. As long as the systems are cleaned once in a while, it will surely work efficiently. Solar and wind power are both pollution free and does not emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Solar panels and wind turbines require little maintenance. Some people are concerned about wasting land to install wind turbines but you can still use the land for planting crops and for grazing animals.

According to researchers, the efficiency of these systems relies on the environmental elements. Germany and Japan are leading the way to the improvement of solar energy despite the fact that these countries get very little sunshine in a year. On the other hand, wind turbines are too noisy and unsightly. Turbine blades cause the noise and the huge structure can ruin any landscape.

To produce significant energy, you will need a lot of solar panels or reflectors and turbines. Size is a vital consideration for producing the needed energy. Have you ever been into remote areas? You can use solar power and wind power to generate the needed electricity. During daytime, you can depend on solar power to provide your electric needs and at night, you can use the wind turbines.

Solar power systems and wind turbines are not very difficult to install. In fact, there are now DIY kits that can be readily purchased locally and in online stores. You will just follow the guided instructions and get the necessary materials. The systems can be installed over the weekend. For those who live in the city, you can take advantage of the tax incentives, financial options, rebates, loans, and grants offered by the government. That way, you can have the system installed at a very affordable cost. In the case of wind turbines, you will need a lot of space. There are now turbines that produce less or no noise at all which are excellent for homes with close neighbors.

The decision to use solar power or wind power is a matter of personal choice that is usually affected by certain factors like money (investment), space, and energy requirements. Just imagine making a one-time investment and after that you can already enjoy unlimited and free supply of electricity. Regular inspection can ensure that the systems are working efficiently.

How to Seek Grants for Alternative Energy R & D

If you are someone who wishes to begin researching and developing alternative energy technologies and you would want to be set up as a not-for-profit organization or entity, you will want to look into getting government grants, on both the state and the federal levels.

Government grants for alternative energy research and development have been highly touted by politicians on local, state, and federal levels in recent years, all the way up to the President himself. This is due to the fact that we now recognize as a society that we need to seek out and develop alternative energy sources to those of the fossil fuels that we presently depend upon, as these fuels are not only slowly but surely running out (at least cheap access to digging them up is running out), but also damaging to the environment and air quality.

There is a fairly vast array of government grant programs available for you to check into. The great and most important thing to keep in mind about a government grant is that it’s essentially free money. It is not a loan, you don’t pay any interest, and you don’t ever have to give the money back. However, qualifying for these grants, as you might imagine with something involving the government and free money, has quite a lot of restrictions attached to it. Not only is qualification based on purpose and need in the eyes and opinions of government bureaucrats, but just because you qualify does not mean that you necessarily get the grant. As Marshall McLuen put it, “the medium is the message”. The fact of the matter is that it is typically easier to apply for and qualify to receive a business loan—but then, that would not be free money, that would be something you owed to someone, and with interest on top.

There are professional grant writers who know how to write proposals in such a way that they get around the heavy load of restrictions set up by the government, and you might need to resort to one of these. Even governments employ professional grant writers to seek money from other branches of the government, such as a country government needing funding from the state or the federal government.

These people also keep abreast of what government grants are still or newly available and what ones have been removed from the table. It’s an intricate web, so one must not get tangled up in when seeking needed financial backing for alternative energy research and development. In fact, it is so complex that in the last decade or so the ranks of profession writers, as both individuals and as entire companies, have swelled. It is a profitable business—and this can make it fraught with illegal actions and controversial claims.

Nevertheless, each year there are many thousands of grants awarded throughout the United States for the purpose of helping the public. And again, with the government endorsement of grant money to be given to alternative energy researchers, you could very well get what you seek.

Will increasing energy prices pave way for a greener and a cleaner world?

In a way, increasing energy prices do ensure that the world is very much likely to propel itself towards better energy usage and low carbon economy. In fact, Mother Earth has been vociferous enough to give us ample indications of how we have endangered the delicate ecosystem and invited serious trouble for mankind. These indications have been in the form of heavy rains, heat waves, drought conditions, forests fires, floods and so on which have caused ample destruction of human life and property. These indications do imply that the changes in the climate could be the main cause of the occurrence of the extreme weather conditions.

Research and studies conducted on these climate changes reveals disturbing facts especially mankind being the main reason leading to these occurrences. Human generated greenhouse gas emissions could be the reason why we are facing water, energy and food shortages which are going to gain disastrous proportions if not tackled effectively. In all, we should move towards a low carbon economy. Coupled by the issue of increasing energy demand and fast depletion of non renewable energy resources which have led to increasing energy prices do give human beings yet another chance to improve the worlds climatic conditions.

In Europe, UK can definitely take the leading position to bring about the change by encouraging people to move towards energy which releases lower levels of carbon and reduce wastage of non renewable energy. It is time to move away from traditional or decade old boilers and opt for energy efficient A-rated boilers which reduce carbon emissions while using less energy. Microgeneration of renewable energy is the most ideal way to generate energy for personal use and also offer extra energy to the national feed and earn money as well. Solar photovoltaic panels, source heat pumps and green energy tariffs can be checked out in greater details.

British Gas is one of the leading gas suppliers has come under fire for its increasing gas prices, and large profits. But on the other hand, British Gas websaver has committed to move towards adoption of green energy resources such as energy from waste, onshore and offshore wind, biomass, micro hydro power for which huge investments are required. For tackling such projects, the need of the hour is to employ suitably educated people and provide them with suitable training which is likely to cost a lot of money.

By increasing gas prices UK, it is very much likely energy customers will become more energy conscious and use it more efficiently for they wish to lower their energy bills. They can adopt energy monitoring devices and meters such as British Gas EnergySmart which enables regular monitoring of energy consumption. British Gas energy plans viz. Future Energy and Future Energy Plus offer energy at the same prices as other regular tariffs but the energy is sourced from a renewable source and thus minimizing the carbon footprint as well. They can even opt for renewable energy and undertake concrete efforts to install solar photovoltaic panels, source heat pumps which generate energy from renewable sources and lower your carbon emissions to a great extent. Therefore, Increase in energy prices do prove to be a source of worry for some for balancing their monthly budgets but they do push them to switch over to use of energy efficient products and effective use of energy which is the need of the hour.

10 Tips To Help You Save Home Energy

Before you spend money on the latest energy-efficient gizmo thats supposed to save you money lets look at some energy saving ideas that will really help you save home energy. The strategies that we will look at maximize the effort you put in and the reduction in your home energy consumption.

First sit down and think about all the different ways your family uses energy around the house. Now put an approximate type and cost of energy used. You may have trouble breaking down the cost but try to do it. Now all you have to do is find ways to save on your resources at the same time cut your costs. You may have to think creatively but it can be done.

So here are some tips to get you started:

– Turn the lights off when youre not using them. This is really simple and easy to do. Do you really need your bedroom light on when youre in the living room? Do you leave lights on when you leave the house? Do you even need more than one light on in a room for what you are doing? Believe it or not it makes a big difference.

– Turn all electronics and other appliances off when youre not using them. No one can do everything at the same time. Can you really listen to a radio watch television and use your computer all at the same time?

– Set your thermostat down a couple of degrees in winter or up in summer, to conserve energy. And dress appropriately indoors for the time of year it is. For instance in winter, put on a sweater or some extra clothing, or may snuggle under a blanket to stay warm. In the summer, wear less and stay cooler naturally.

– Only turn an appliance on when you have a full load. This is true especially for the washing machine, dryer and even the dishwasher. It is amazing how much extra energy is used doing multiple small loads in comparison to one full load.

– Do regular maintenance on your appliances. Keeping them clean means they dont have to work as hard. Changing filters again reduces the energy needed to accomplish a task. Regular care will also mean any maintenance bills that you might come up against may well be cheaper.

– Be careful how you use your water. Like when brushing your teeth or washing your hands, use only the water you need. Don’t let the water run the entire time. Also, try and use less water if you take a bath, or control your shower times.

– Simply let your hair air dry, instead of using a blow drier every day.

– Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees F.

Dont forget the bigger projects as well.

– Seal the cracks around your doors and windows. You are paying for your hot air that escapes through cracks all around your house. You need to make sure you are doing all you can to keep the warm air youre paying for inside your house.

– You also need to check your house’s insulation. Though this has been done by many homeowners nevertheless you still need to do it before you pass it over. It is probably the biggest thing in reducing heating costs.

Now some of these things may seem trivial to you but let me assure you that even the small things add up over time. And really most of them you wont even notice the difference to your life except your bills.

These tips and suggestions will make your home more affordable, and take some strain off of our world’s resources. Just think if all of us would just made a few of these changes to how we do things on a daily basis it would make a huge difference.

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